What is Conversion Optimization?

In websites, conversion refers to the process of a visitor becoming a customer. You can track how well your website is performing by measuring your conversion rate, i.e. what percentage of your website visitors make a purchase or take a desired action.

You can also measure the conversion of visitors into qualified leads. For example, you might track how many people contact you with questions or request price quotes. This gives you the ability to see what stage of your sales cycle may need to be improved. If you have a high percentage of inquiries, but never make any sales, that could be an indication there is a problem with the product/service itself.

Conversion Rate

An average conversion rate for a website is about 2-3%, but this varies widely based on your industry and what type of conversion you are measuring. The best approach is to just worry about your own conversion rates. Calculate your current rate, and then track it as you make improvements to the website.

Once you've increased your conversion rate, it's tempting to stop making changes. But, you may still be able to make significant improvements. It's important to keep testing ideas and comparing the results. If you've moved from 0.5% conversion to 1% conversion, you may still be able to get a 3% conversion with an approach you haven't tried yet. Improving conversion is a process, not an event.